Getecart Faqs

Some of FAQ's for you...

Q.1) : How Do I Register For Getecart?

Ans)You can register|Sign up by clicking on the "Login|Sign Up" button at the top right corner of the homepage.It will Displayed a page in the below of login form you seened a link named with Register HERE please to be click.Please provide the information in the form that appears(* Fields are required).You can read the terms and conditions,submit the registration information.Once you submit the form you recive one email regarding getecart Email Confirmation.please click me the "CLICK HERE" button.Once you Click the button You Recived A temperory Password should to Corresponding mobile number provided in the Registration Form.

Q.2) : getecart charged for Registration?

Ans)No.Registration on it's Completely free.

Q.3) : can i register multiple accounts by using sinle email and mobile number?

Ans)Each email address and contact phone number can only be associated with one getecart account.

Q.1) : What features customer my account contains?

Ans)Getecart My Account is the section you reach after you log in at MyCustomer Account allows you to Dashboard,messaging,order history,suggest product,custom delivery address,reward points,my expensive, wish lists,track your active orders, update your contact details.

Q.2) : How do i change my Account Password?

Ans)Once login to your getecart my account in the left side navigation click on My Profile,once you click the option it will showing My Profile.In the right top in red filled button "Change password " click on it,It opens the Change Password page you have to enter the required fields and click on save button.(or)Bottom of you profile picture there is an icon settings(gear) click and change your password.

Q.3) : How to add Getecart Wish list Product?

Ans)In every Product full view right to the images a love shape icon you just click it will be added to your favorite Wish list so enjoy fast access.

Q.1) : Is there any hidden charges added to my invoice?

Ans)The Value Add Taxe(VAT) is included in the MRP of an all products.There are no additional taxes added by getecart to your order. The prices you see on our product pages are the prices you pay. There is a delivery charges it will shown in order summary at the time of purchasing.

Q.2) : what are the payment gateways accept Getecart?

Ans)you can pay for your orders the following gateway types: a.COD-Cash On Delivery

Q.3) : What is payment Gateway-COD(Cash On Delivery)?

Ans)COD(Cash On Delivery) are also called as Collect O n Delivery.COD meaning is the sale of goods by order where payment is made on delivery rather than in advance.

Q.4) : Where do i enter getecart provided Coupon code?

Ans)Once you add your products to cart and go to top right you have cart symbol click and also verify you cart items and also see delivery charges and click proceed&checkouts;.Once you click the button it will moved to cart page in the right to shopping cart you have Apply Coupon code there you enter your corresponding Coupon Code.

Q.5) : what is an cash back?

Ans)If you have any offers regarding wallets special offers like genaral wallets or else register wallets that amount will displayed in cashback amount.

Q.1) : When I Receive My Order?

Ans)Once you cart the products which you carted and click proceed and check outs. In the address selection page you have Choose your delivery slot pick one of you when you want that delivery slot time only you can get your orders.

Q.2) : Can i change my delivery address?

Ans)Of course. provide an advance feature you can add your own custom delivery address. Once you login to your account in the customer dashboard left side menu you have a option called Delivery Addresses. In that you have an add button you can add your own delivery address as you need. (or) Once you cart your products and click proceed and Check outs after the cart page you have a Home delivery address and there is option called Add new delivery address.

Q.1) : How Can i Subscribe Getecart Newsletter?

Ans)In the bottom of the page you seen an field called newsletter there you have enter you corresponding email id and press subscribe button. you receive an email confirmation press subscribe and enjoy the getecart updates.